Monday, May 4, 2009

Just added Brandon Call and Jennifer Clayson Reyelts blogs to the blog.  Thanks for speaking up... anyone else?

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Mike A. Christensen said...

In fact, you can add me too, and I'm making the video that we'll be showing at the reunion. So just like Randi was looking for photos for the slide show here 3 years ago (I wish I had known about this blog way back then), I'm now asking that everybody send in (or have me come and shoot, if they are local) videos and photos for this production.

Would you please be so kind as to post that request as a main posting here?

I could have used the pictures from this blog while they were available with the slide show, but now I can't find them to finally download them (which I know I should have done a while back). Where did they go?

Will you ask that they all (and will you, too) send me a video or/and a photo of yourselves with your family members or/and at your job?

I'm sorry for waiting this long to ask you, as it's already crunch time now. But that's my fault. Nonetheless, the time is still short and we now need to act quickly. I will take the blame for that of course. Yeah, we've had ten years to do this--since that's when the last reunion was, when I got assigned to build this video--(although of course updates from that long ago wouldn't be so current now). Haha, go figure!

Can we ask them in a main posting if I can persuade them to have these videos and/or photos to me by the end of June (just after summer has started)?

Thanks, if so,
Mike A. Christensen,
a.k.a. Video Vibrance

801-225-2947 (office/home)
801-592-5968 (cell phone)