Thursday, May 3, 2012

Class of '92... 20 Year Reunion

Who is ready to for a party?  Our 20 year reunion is scheduled for July 21, 2012.  It will be held at the Zermatt Resort in Midway... beginning at 6:00 P.M.   Dinner and Entertainment is on the agenda, however I am sure that catching up with old friends (not that I am saying you are old, but your friends might be) will be a major highlight of the evening.  Tickets are $42 per person or $78 per couple and they can be purchased via the pay pal link to the right of this page.  (Please make sure fill in your name and name of your guest before you click on the 'pay now' link in paypal)

Also if you are interested in spending the night you can book a room at the Zermatt  for $159.00 or the Holmstead for $139.00 (which is just across the street). Tell them you are with the Spanish Fork 20 year class reunion!
Click Here to Visit the Zermatt Resort Home page


boastingbriggs said...

will you please add me to the blog Anna Briggs(Engle) Thanks I'm on facebook.

Jackie said...

Great to hear from you Anna! I added you. :)

Kindy said...

Does it mean we are registered if our name is on the blog?

Jackie said...

Registered for the class reunion? No... :)

Kindy said...

Well, I paid via check so I don't see another way to register without paying through paypal. Am I missing something?

Anonymous said...

Amy Rayan (Swenson)

Mike A. Christensen said...

In fact, you can add me too, and I'm making the video that we'll be showing at the reunion. So just like Randi was looking for photos for the slide show here 3 years ago (I wish I had known about this blog way back then), I'm now asking that everybody send in (or have me come and shoot, if they are local) videos and photos for this production.

So, Jackie, would you please be so kind as to post this request as a main posting here (so that people don't have to click on "Comments" to even know of its presence)?

I could have used the pictures from this blog while they were available with the slide show, but now I can't find them to finally download them (which I know I should have done a while back). Where did they go?

Will you ask that they all (and will you, too) send me a video or/and a photo of yourselves with your family members or/and at your job?

I'm sorry for waiting this long to ask you, as it's already crunch time now. But that's my fault. Nonetheless, the time is still short and we now need to act quickly. I will take the blame for that of course. Yeah, we've had ten years to do this--since that's when the last reunion was, when I got assigned to build this video--(although of course updates from that long ago wouldn't be so current now). Haha, go figure!

Can we ask them in a main posting if I can persuade them to have these videos and/or photos to me by the end of June (just after summer has started)?

Thanks, if so,
Mike A. Christensen,
a.k.a. Video Vibrance

801-225-2947 (office/home)
801-592-5968 (cell phone)

Mike A. Christensen said...

Dang URL!

Let's see if this one (the link from my name here to my "MaxxFordham" twitter account) will work!

Mike A. Christensen said...

OH! Huh the link actually did work--both times! (The picture of me there currently at my twitter account that you'll see after clicking here on my name is not a couple picture; it's of while I was meeting Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips when they came to the Utah State fair in '11!)

Well for a little while there, clicking on my first name link would only give me this dumb error message that "the page does not exist"!

Psschh! At least they work now!

Anyway, guys, let's get those videos and still pics to me for the video you will be watching at this reunion, okay? Thanks!


Ali said...

Jackie - this is Ali Stewart Jones - I signed up to go with my hubbie - but to spare him from having to listen to me gab with my girlfriends all night, Annalyse Douglas Anderson is going to take his place instead of registering herself. So put her down as coming!!! (A lot of my girlfriends are coming solo!!!)